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De woede van Neptunes (1978)
for music school orchestra and school choir
together with Onno Krijn and Chiel Meijering
duration: 20'
SK2 rec-a 2221 4sax-a 2210 4perc 2hp g-b pf 3el.org 2acc str(vl vc cb) 4sax-solo
commissioned by the Stichting Stedelijke Muziekschool Beverwijk
ed. Donemus

Fortuna (1986, rev. 1987)
for chamber choir and 4 instrumentalists
text: Latin
duration: 10'
6sopr 6alt 6ten 6bas fl(picc) hp vl vc
FCM, dedicated to the Centraal Kamerkoor and the Gijsbrecht van Aemstelkwartet
ed. Donemus

Vocalise X (1993)
for soprano and piano
duration: 20'
FCM, dedicated to Margo Rens and Mariken Zandvliet
ed. Donemus

The book of Indians (1996)
for soprano and ensemble
text: from The Indian's Book, ed. by Natalie Curtis
duration: 16'
sopr 1111 1010 perc pf 2vl vla vc cb
ed. Donemus